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Welcome on our online direct source for a variety of products  such as inverter type Mini Split wall mount Air Conditioners,Air Purifiers, Humidifiers and more.
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$300- $1,480 Rebate!

Mini Split Rebate programs for Canada

Did you know that our Energy Star rated mini splits may be eligible for rebates from your local power company. Should your power company offer a rebate program for mini split heat pumps, you could be eligible for up to a $1,480 rebate!


Installing one of our cold climate heat pumps with high efficiency, up to 25 SEER, can help minimize your heating costs, and bring your energy costs down. Since energy consumption is reduced drastically thanks to a mini split heat pump, many power providers are providing significant rebates for the installation of high efficiency cold weather heat pump.



  • CEE Tier III (Rated Up to -20 or Lower)
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • SEER 18 or Higher
  • AHRI Certified


Homeowners and business can save up to 40% or more compared to a lower efficiency heat pump, and even more when compared to traditional heating sources. Check with your power company for eligibility or guidelines. A home efficiency test may be required in order to be eligible. All of our ENERGY STAR Certified models are eligible for most rebate programs. Your mini split should also be installed by a certified and insured HVAC technician to ensure eligibility.