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Made for Canada's Weather!

Generating heat at temperatures as low as -30 ºC

WiFi Enabled

Smart WiFi makes it more efficient while giving more control over cooling & Heating.

Best Value For Your Money!

When you buy from WallMountAC.com, you are getting the best value for your money!

Aura and Leto Series:

Aura units are Ultra-High Efficiency which means that they can run at temperatures as low as -30 ºC , compared to Leto at -15 ºC.

Multi Zones

See our most recent Multi Zone Mini Split AC's

With high SEER rating

Efficient Heating
For coldest climates
Down to -30 °C !


Big discount!

Sales and Open Boxes

Up to 30% off !

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We LOVE our Leto model and our clients also LOVE it too! I recommend to everyone.
John Cook
Satisfied Customer
I ordered senville 24000 btu Aurora model, it was shipped quickly and received it very fast.
Kathy George
Satisfied Customer
Installation kit is perfect. Cutting my electricity heating cost by a factor of 3 at -7C.
Michel Acton
Satisfied Customer